Avec l'aimable autorisation du photographeDefense 2000 is located near the first business center in Europe, in front of a growing tourist influx, a transport network very dense and a shopping and leisure center with a European dimension.

With Puteaux downtown, the Tower is also adjacent to small town with garden and small shops. One of the richest city of France, with a level of leisure and cultural equipment higher than its neighbor Neuilly-Sur-Seine.

The Tower is built on a plateau slightly off of the "Parvis" and thus enjoy unimpeded views about Paris, La Défense, the western Paris, the Seine, Meudon, St. Germain..

Arnaud Frich is a professional photographer specializing in panoramic photo. Among his works, there are splendid views of the Defense. Enjoy yourself!

Avec l'aimable autorisation du photographe

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Avec l'aimable autorisation du photographe


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