Translation of an article published in "Le Vertical Village":

Since Babel, relations between men and towers are made of fascination and fear.

In the past, the tower was the symbol of the domination of the lord on his land and the protection it provided to those who lived, steeples and minarets bear witness to the desire of men to rise to God and rhythm time of prayer and work.

But now, above all our buildings have to comply with an economic concern: to keep the maximum people in minimum space. Thus, over only 3000 m2 of area and 775 m2 of floor space, Defense 2000 includes 370 apartments.

Built inside the ring road "Boulevard Circulaire", the tower was first called PH3 (Puteaux - city, Housing, 3rd building permits issued for such building by the Etablissement Public d'Aménagement de La Défense). Began in April 1971, it was completed on 28 November 1974. The developer, a subsidiary of "La Banque de Paris", renamed it Defense 2000. The Boieldieu area bears the name of a composer who had his moment of glory with a little opera, "La Dame Blanche" and had his house of the Seine sides in Puteaux.

With its 47 floors and 134 meters in height, Defense 2000 remains the highest housing building in Europe. But in France, this type of building did not have success. After two years of marketing, only a quarter of the tower had been sold ..

In 20 years, the area around the tower have changed. The Japanese cherry trees have replaced the fences and a stone stairway bridge has replaced the old wooden bridge. The mall "Les Quatre Temps" gives us access to the necessary and unnecessary. Taxis have learned to avoid the pitfalls of the ring road "Boulevard Circulaire" and the metro is at our door.

The Defense area is almost a neighborhood like any other. But when the city lights turn on, when the wind beating the windows plays Ushuaïa, or that the sun rises between the legs of the Eiffel Tower and goes down behind a Mount Valérien in a sky that can be compared to the color palette of the best painter, Defense 2000 is not without its special charm.
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