The construction of Defense 2000, originally called PH3 (for Puteaux Habitation 3), takes place from April 1971 to November 1974 on 3197 m2 of land acquired by the EPAD mainly from individuals between 1963 and 1965, and the mayor of Puteaux in 1971.
The heart in concrete describes a perimeter of only 134 m2, each floor has an area of 770 m2. The reinforced concrete used is very dense, the basic pillars are 40 cm thick. Some are refined with the height. The floors are 20cm thick. The objective set by the promoter was prosaic: the maximum floor area per level. The construction has stopped at the 46th floor when the budget was reached.This is the highest tower for housing in Europe. This is still the case today.

Another tower was built in the Front de Seine (Paris 15) in 1971 based on a very close plan by the same architect Michel Proux: Escape 2000.
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