Where is the security desk ?

When you arrive by rue Louis Pouey, it is at the top of the ramp stairs.

When you exit the Tower, take the sliding door on the left, turn right, then down the stairs.

What are the opening hours of the security desk?

The security desk is available 24/24.

Where is the garbage room ?

The garbage room is located at level 2 south side to the left when facing the fast elevators. You'll find a shelf designed especially for storing appliances out of use that will be recycled. We advise you to use this garbage room only for small waste.

How do I separate my recyclables ?

You can separate the following recyclables in this way :

  - Newspapers and paper cartons: yellow bins located at 0 north side (accessible by lifts north or south direction and then exit).
  - Glass: Two buried containers specially designed for glass are located rue Louis Pouey on the pavement 50 meters away leaving the tower in the direction of downtown Puteaux, on the opposite side of the street

 - Other waste: all daily life waste can be stored in the garbage room of level 2 or directly deposited in the large gray garbage cans provided for that purpose and located at level 0 on the north side (accessible by elevators north or south in the direction of the exit)

Cumbersome: the waste coming from removal or dismantling of furniture should be stored at level 0 south side at the rear of the elevator south (accessible by elevators south or north and then follow the arrows to the south large elevator).

Is there room for bikes?

You want to place your bike in an easily accessible and secure, seek advice from the security desk.

I'm moving in or out, who do I have to contact ?

You need to contact the security desk (01 47 76 22 08) at least 48 hours in advance and if possible 4 to 5 days before the day you move, to make sure the parking lot in front for security or fire services will be available

Moreover, once there, you should ask for the "Special service" mode of large elevators North or South depending on where you move to.

Where possible, protect the walls of the elevator not to damage them. Any repairs required by a deterioration due to your move in, would be at your expense.

How do I find my mailbox?

Your mailbox number corresponds to your apartment number. Unless exception, your mailbox is located on the same side as where you live.

How to access the caves?

Take the large elevator on the side of your cave (north or south) and once inside the elevator, press the button to call the security guard and then decline your identity as well as the floor and the number of the cave where you want to go. This information is kept by the security guard.
How to access the car parks?

Take the parking elevator on Paris or Saint Germain side depending on where to find your vehicle.

A parking elevator is stopped for technical reasons, how to get to my place?

Take the opposite parking elevator and then stop at the floor below the floor where your car is. Then go up walking half a floor so that you see any vehicle coming.

Do not stop at the floor right above where your car is because you will have to walk with the vehicles coming on your back, which is not recommended.

How to access the panoramic floor ?

Take the elevator and press "46." The entrance is located on the north side, so if you live south, go through the fire doors to access the north side.

Ring the intercom, then turn you back to the entrance door to face the camera directly in connection with the security desk. Decline your identity and your apartment number. This information will be kept by the security desk.

We remind you that access to the panoramic floor implies acceptance of rules of usage: no smoking, no eating, do not run.

Am I allowed to store items on my site parking?

No, for reasons of fire safety, it is forbidden to store items on your parking locations.

How to be certain that no one borrows my parking space when I'm away?

By putting a "STOP CAR" ! Your board union negotiated price including delivery and installation of a "STOP CAR". Rates are available here (access restricted to co-owners)

For orders, please contact the company ERMINN Ltd 01 45 83 51 22 (tel. and fax).For more information on the company website ERMINN

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