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Tower Defense 2000 employs 8 full time employees including 5 security officers and 3 floor technicians.

Security officers are on duty 24h per day and 7 days a week.

This article presents each of them ...


The entire staff is managed by the Chief of Security: Mr GOHIER




Monsieur DIABY

Security officer

Monsieur SOUMARO

Security officer

Monsieur DU

Security officer

3 floor technicians take care of the building 7  days a week
 Mohamed Bouherchich   

The residence also hosts from Monday to Friday, a maintenance technician.

 He manages, heating, VMC, fire safety, electricity and plumbing.


Monsieur HADDAD

Maintenance technician

Défense 2000 staff is able to react quickly to incidents that may occur in the Tower.
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