The Tower is equipped with eight LIFTS:

=> 2 pairs of lifts fast (approx. 1 seconds / floor) for 750 kg, North and South sides, in the central core around the stairwell;

=> 2 elevators in high-capacity 900 kg, North and South sides, in front of the first two pairs, more to the outside;

=> 2 lifts giving access to parking, east side ( "Paris") and West ( "StGermain"), whose access is by badge of contact. They fly to the levels 2 and 0 to -4 ...

Fast elevators serve floors 2 to 46 except the 1st, 3rd and 25th where there are technical rooms. Large elevators can serve all floors from -4 to 46, but in normal operation. Thus, they give access to the caves located from -1 down to -4, but only upon authorization of the security post.
In normal operation, the large elevators provide access to the 9th floor, while others are served by lifts fast.

For removal and large or heavy stuff, it is possible to request the security post to a large elevator in "Self Service" mode. In this configuration, it can reach every floor, and it remains open until it receives an order from the cabin itself (without responding to the calls of other floors). Note that to reach a floor in this "Self Service" mode, it is necessary to press simultaneously the button of the floor and the "F" button until complete closure of the doors.

Whatever the elevator,the "O" and "F" buttons on switchboards will respectively open and close the doors, with a few minor differences:
              - in the large elevators, the "F" is disabled (except for "Self Service")
              - in the fast but smaller elevators, the "O" opens the door only for a short while

The service staff has a key which allows to take the control of an elevator from the cabin. It is then possible to use in the fast elevators the two buttons marked with arrows at the bottom of the table command. Those buttons are disabled in normal functionning, but when enabled they can move the cabin at low speed, allowing them to communicate if necessary, by the side doors fitted with eyepiece. This would, in particular, help to evacuate a locked cabin without having to go through the roof. But such a maneuver has so far never been necessary. Indeed, it was in 1973 that the firm Otis has set up this system. Since that date, they are linked to us by a contract of guarantee, including all equipment, except electrical wiring. The installation is the same since then, and one can say that its longevity has been proven!

The elevators are powered by electric motors located in a technical room of the 47th floor, which the command is done without any electronic component: only by cabinets relay switches, and by small scale models, equipped with pawls, that allows, using a multiplier system, locating with high precision the position of the cabins.

Cabinets relay switches of the elevators


In case of power outage, a generator shall immediately take over. It is tested regularly.





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