Tower Defense 2000 was designed by architect Michel Proux.

It was completed in 1974.

During a recent phone interview (April 2008), Michel Proux told us where his inspiration came from. At the end of the sixties, the architect made a trip to Chicago and saw the completion of the Chase Tower. Immediately he began to draw a line that would become the Tour PH3 (name of construction of the Tower Defense 2000).




Chase Tower is measuring 259 m in height, more than 120m higher than the Defense Tour 2000 and is the 9th in Chicago by building height. This tower was completed in 1969.

Unlike the Tour Defense 2000, the Chase Tower is an office building.

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In a very similar style there is also the Solow Building in New York who has a curved base.

This tower was completed in 74.



These three towers exemplify the pinnacle of a style ostensibly cold and fonctionnal but bright and slender.


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